The story behind this MONOGRAM POLO design portrays the brave Emirati horseman, a proud patriot who vows to protect his country with his life. This design also carries the same theme of  (ا. ع. م)  folding, twisting and bending, that is inspired by origami (paper folding) art, in the same style also adding new characters such as; the horseman, flag and number seven. There is a special magic in the number 7, where we also see it in the seven Emirates. We leave it to your imagination to make your own story about the horseman every time you wear the shirt, we encourage you to look beyond the horse, rider and flag.. and decide what makes a true patriot..

MONOGRAM MEN / BOY’S POLO SHIRT - finely embroidered

MONOGRAM MEN / BOY’S POLO SHIRT – finely embroidered

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