This MONOGRAM sculpture portrays the Arabic letter ‘Waw’ in its attempt  to ‘escape flatland’ by growing newer dimensions. These new dimensions explain in a modern manner the formation of  the letter while maintaining its basic skeletal shape. As modern designers we explore the inner and surrounding space of the letter in search of finding new dimensions that explain its formation. As portrayed in the photograph, the sculpture casts a clear silhouette of the letter ‘waw’ in AlThuluth font, as if it has been drawn on paper by a calligraphy pen,  while the three dimensional object itself forms an abstract modern architectural sculpture that tells the story of the letters’  escape from ‘Flatland’. From paper we formed sculptures of what the letter  would look like if it was set free from paper. Considering the fragile  nature of paper we have transferred the design from paper into  another material that is long lasting and wearable. The sculpture is a wearable art form made from 18k white gold, designed to evoke the public to spread our cultural identity and, continue making it multidimensional.



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